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Showing Geocodes/Map obtained using a direction service in nintex forms

Question asked by sridevi on Jul 8, 2015
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Hello All,


I am trying to use nintex form to collect a start address and end address; use javascript to call some direction service to get distance between start and end address. But for most of the APIs that provide such service like google maps api or mapquest api it seems we have to show the map in screen as well, even though it is not needed at our end. Is it ok to use Javascript section of nintex forms to do such tasks? will it blow up the size of form to cause any performance problem or any other problem? is there any sample available for reference? Also i have a need to collect such addresses in repeating section. This means there can be multiple sets of geocodes and have a need to show the map for the address set in focus.


If all these needs are complicated to be done in a Nintex form, is there a way to create a .net web form that can do all these but hook it up to nintex workflow upon submit since there is a need to do a workflow after form submittion.


kindly let me know if either of the above is possible.