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swap doc set content type

Question asked by darren1372 on Jul 10, 2015
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I thought this would be simple to do but it now appeara not so.

I have two document set content types on a doc library and want to swap them over. I thought set field or update action would do it by setting content type column to written text value of other content type but it doesn't work.

We are pulling the field values from external source. We then have some logic that if a field equals some value it swaps from the default document set content to the other one. We then want to send the soc set to another library. Another way if we can't swap out the content type would be to have a list then use create list item on it to build the doc set in the destination doc set library.  However unlike sharepoint designer workflow when u create an item in another list with content type you can map all the fields with the list you're creating in. Nintex workflow doesn't appear to have that functionality in create item. So what is the best method to kick off workflow on a list to create a doc set on another list and map the fields from list where workflow kicks off to fieldsin the list where document set will reside. I dont want to have to create the item then add several update item actions to set the fields in the doc set library.