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Nintex form will not submit with JavaScipt validation

Question asked by jml006 on Jul 6, 2015
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I have been struggling with getting a Nintex form to submit and am hoping someone will be able to provide some insight.  I have a form with a Save and Submit option.  On Save, the form does not need to have any validation as a user can save and go back and edit the form.  On Submit, the form fields are validated and a workflow kicks off.  I have a JavaScript file referenced in my form settings (under Advanced > Custom JavaScript Includes).  For my Submit button, the Button action is JavaScript and I'm calling my function for Client click (under Advanced).  The JavaScript portion works - if a user tries to submit the form with a missing field, they will receive an error message.  However, when all fields are correctly filled in and the Submit button is clicked, the form spins for a few seconds and then returns back to the form with all fields filled in.  I've read a few other posts, but I can't figure out why the form won't submit successfully.


Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated!