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Editing permissions in workflow causes errors

Question asked by tachi on Jul 6, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2015 by mapeacock



I am having re-occurring issues with a workflow failing to see the item or fields they are running against if I use a Set Items Permissions action.


In the set item permissions action - I set Initiator to Full Control and some other groups to Contribute etc., I tick to remove all existing permissions.


I then have a commit.


The workflow will then fail to run an update field action stating there is a mismatch between the data types or the item does not exist.


If I disable that it gets to an Approval action but states the approver is blank (approver is stored in field on the item).


I have also tried putting a pause after the permissions action which didn't help.


If I submit the item as a Site Collection Admin everything works fine, if I remove the set item permissions actions everything works.


It seems once Nintex sets permissions on the item and removes the existing permissions, it can't use the permissions it set to see the item anymore.


I want to be able to restrict the items while the approvals are happening.


Any advice?