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Problem - Nintex Form choice button default not working

Question asked by rking on Jul 2, 2015
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I haven't had this issue before, and am wondering if I've missed a setting somewhere (it is Friday afternoon....)


I'm using a choice control rendered as buttons. I have my rules working and in the preview everything looks good.

Now, when I go to the list (which happens to be populated with data from another list ie. Workflow create item in another site) and click on an item, all I get is a blank form with the title and button menu, but no other content. It's as though neither button is selected, although I definitely have one marked as the default. If I click on one of the buttons, then the content shows.


When I click view item:


When I click on one of the buttons (excuse the formatting):



Where do you think I'm going wrong here?

Thanks in advance,