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How to use rules to 'hide' form section 'If Not'....

Question asked by taminar on Jul 2, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2015 by taminar

Hi All


I am not terribly good at rules yet and I cant seem to find any cheat sheets on creating them - so hoping you can help


I have a form with a drop-down choice field (Send to) in it that has 4 values:

Name A

Name B

Name C



And then another field beneath this which is free text to allow people to type in the 'Other' names not found in the list (Other Name)


When staff/users select any of the 3 'name' options I need the  'Other Name' field to stay hidden as its not required.


But when staff select the 'other' option from the drop down field I need that 'Other name' field to pop & display.


I have managed to get the field to HIDE only - but not display.


Can anyone advise of the right formula to use for this rule? Or what steps I need to take?


Thanks ever so much.