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Activate Site Feature - SharePoint Server Publishing (is this possible to do this automatically in O365)

Question asked by duane on Jul 1, 2015
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The question posed is as follows: Is it possible to Activate Site Feature - SharePoint Server Publishing in the O365 environment using workflow, a web service or a combination of workflow/web service or any other way?


The use case for the above requirement is as follows. We have a parent site with many project sub sites that are automatically created from a custom site template as projects are registered at the parent  Site level. These project sub sites are created by the Nintex workflow which uses the action Office 365 create site. It would seem that it would be standard for someone to want to automate the Activation of SharePoint Server Publishing feature without involving a human administrator to perform this functionality on hundreds, and maybe 1 or 2 thousand of sub sites.


I have done some reading/research but I don't have a clear answer for this this requirement in the O365 context.


Firstly is it possible to do? If so, how can one go about implementing this solution.


Looking forward to the discussions/comments.