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O365 create site with unique permissions and add groups with custom permissions

Question asked by duane on Jul 1, 2015
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I need to automate site creation. I'm doing this with Nintex Office 365 create site. There are two options either inherit permissions from the parent or specify the site owner who will have full control.


The use case is as follows. The workflow run's at the Parent Site level, and will create a sub site sitting one level below the parent. The requirement is that the sub site will have a sub-set of the permission groups that are associated with the Parent Site. One of the groups has different permissions at the sub site level. The process of setting up the unique permissions at the sub site level needs to be automated.


The manual process would be:

1. Create sub site (Use unique permissions) using desired template

2. Select/create a visitors (read), members (contribute) and owners (full control) group, it is possible to chose from the existing groups from the Parent Site.

3. Add any required groups and set the required permissions.


The automated process using Nintex workflow only allows to provide the Owners Group/s. Is there a way to automatically add the required groups and set the required permissions.


Looking forward to discussion.