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Batching Issues

Question asked by ereason on Jun 28, 2015

I have a site workflow which creates several items upon execution into a form library. When creating the item there are a number of fields set for the item and a commit is the last action within the workflow. The number of items to be created each time the workflow runs is unknown so I have set the workflow to batch the creation of items into 15 and added a 30 min delay till the next batch is released, to ensure that the SP thresholds are not breached.


On the library which houses the newly created item(s) there is another workflow which has a dependency on the values written to the list columns. I have noted that even though the item was created and I can see the data written by the site workflow in the SP columns, it appears that the information is not yet available to the list workflow.


To get around this, I have add to add a delay of 15 mins to allow all of the data to be committed before the workflow attempts to use the value, as I was getting sporadic failures without this delay. I have tried using the 'Wait for item update' action, but sometimes that action never wakes up.


Is there any other way to deal with this issue?