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Repeating section is abridged in Nintex Mobile (Phone) layout

Question asked by jeffckelly on Jun 29, 2015

We have developed a workflow Task Form that has a repeating section. The repeating section has two controls in it -- a dropdown and a textbox. This post applies only to the Nintex Mobile (Phone) layout of the form.


In a Phone layout for the Mobile App, you don't actually enter data directly into the repeating section on the form; when you click Add, you are redirected to another screen that represents the repeating section. You enter your data into the controls, and then click Back to return to the form (not very intuitive ...).


Back on the main view of the form, the repeating section displays ONLY the value entered in the first control (the dropdown). You cannot see the second control (textbox). The only way to review what you've entered in the second (third etc.) control is to tap and reopen the second screen for the repeating section.


Is this by design? No matter how I re-lay out the repeating section, this happens.