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How do you filter down menu options based on status of previously submitted data

Question asked by oshefa on Jun 27, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2015 by nintexsupport

Hi all,


I'm new to the Nintex community so hopefully some of you experts out there can help me out.


Here is the scenario:


I have a sign up sheet for employees to select a temporary workspace at one of our offices. The same 12 workspaces are only available for a two week period.


I've already set up a cascading lookup that will filter the available offices by date:



The last piece I'm try to figure out is how to automatically hide the booked offices so that the next employee filling out the form doesn't see them as options.


On the list side I've concatenated the Date and Office # to create a unique value and given each list item an Available tag.



I'm thinking of using a Workflow to update "Available" to "Booked" and then go back to the form to filter out Booked items. Any help with updating the Availability column would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you!