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Nintex Workflow - create list item setting Lookup Field

Question asked by duane on Jun 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2015 by gman

I have been implementing a workflow on a Parent Site List A. The workflow is then instructed to create a list item on an existing List B on a subsite. I have been able to create an item on List B using a field from List A, and fill in a text field successfully, however I have not been able to create an item in List B which fills in the lookup field (lookup to a Site Column).


With a lot of googling and also reading on the Nintex community site, I have not been able to resolve the issue. I was hoping you might be able to assist.


In my investigation I have used the following reference documentation:

Nintex Create List: Actions - INT/Office 365 Create List Item.htm?Highlight=nintex create list Actions - INT/Office 365 Create List Item.htm?Highlight=nintex create list

Nintex working with Lookups: workflows/Lookups.htm?Highlight=lookups


Below are the core details of the components used in  my implementation – hopefully sufficient explanation to resolve the issue

LIST A (Project Register)



LIST B (Test)




Nintex Configuration – Create List Item (the Nintex workflow is running on List A)




Workflow error:



I know that the list name is correct because when I only set the Title1 field then the item is created successfully.


I also know that the list field name Link to Project is correct because when I have the following configuration:



Workflow error:



In the first scenario where the value was set to Variable:ProjectRegisterLookupItemID (Integer) which is equal to 60, then I get the error Lists does not exist…


If you would be able to offer some insight, advice it would be much appreciated.


Many Thanks,