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How to keep NW from escaping HTML entities?

Question asked by amccollough on Jun 24, 2015

This is for NW2010.


I've got a site workflow which reads in legacy HTML code from a non-SharePoint source via the "Query SQL" action, and then writes the results into a SharePoint list. The Query SQL action reads in a record, using a filter to get a single row. It stores the resulting fields found into workflow variables. I then use those variables with the "Create Item" action to write a row into a SharePoint list.


The problem I've got is that the HTML being brought in via SQL contains a number of character entities, such as (spaced out so it too doesn't change) & q u o t ;  for a visible quotation mark. If it was a single character entity, I could see using a regular expression to flip it, but there could potentially be a large number of such character entities.


When viewing the imported list data, instead of seeing a quote ( " ), one sees the spelled-out character entity ( & q u o t  ; ). The other HTML, however, does behave as one would desire.


I did try using both "Single line of text" and "Multiple lines of text" workflow datatypes, in the vain hope that maybe the "multiple lines of text" datatype would handle HTML character entities differently, Alas, no such luck. I aslo tried toggling "Include HTML formatting in rich text columns" in the Output Options section of the Query List action. No difference.


While it does seem to be a long shot, is there any way to keep NW from escaping those character entities?