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Creating AD account and Referencing it in same WF

Question asked by krishantl on Jun 24, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2016 by igorsp

When creating an AD account in a workflow, can we query the AD for the newly created account straight away? I have tried to put in a 10 minute pause but I cannot pick up the newly created AD account for some reason.


The scenario is, the user is presented with a form, he fills it with the first and last name and manager. Using the Create AD account action, we go and provision an AD account (which is done successfully). The WF has to automatically populate a "User" field with the newly created AD account. This field is then used later on in the workflow.


I have verified that the user account is created as after a few minutes, I go to a different list and search for the newly created user (in a person field) and the account does show up.


I am wondering if there are any gotcha's with the create AD account action and that I cannot search for the user within the same WF.