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More integration and automation wanted

Question asked by csaunders on Jun 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2015 by nintexsupport

I created a simple document library in Sharepoint to store electronic licenses for my customers.  Once I upload the file, I fill in a form I created with Nintex and it e-mails a copy of the license to either the salesman or directly to the customer.


My goal is to make this process more automated.  As of now, I have to upload each license individually because of tracking.  However, at times there are multiple licenses per order and I find myself entering the same information over and over again.  Is it possible that once I upload one license and fill in all the fields, when I upload a second license with a unique number that ties it to the first license that certain fields that I want can be automatically filled in using the information in the first license?


FYI: I have Nintex Forms 2010 if that makes a difference.