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Run if multiple selection

Question asked by swth on Jun 24, 2015
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I’m making a list with form and workflow for ordering employee products. In the
list I have a multiple selection choice field which asks what the user wants to
order: A, B, C and/or Not standard. A, B and C is provided by our Helpdesk but Not standard
is provided by an internal department. That means that if A-C is ordered,
Helpdesk is notified, but if Not standard is ordered, the internal dep is notified.


The issue is, it’s possible to order all four options or any combination here of,
so if someone orders A and Not standard, two different emails should be sent out. I’ve
got it covered how to design the workflow if A-C is selected OR Not standard is
selected (a conditional branch that asks if the text field attached to the
Not standard selection is empty), but I’m really having trouble with how to start the
flow if Not standard and one or more of the other options are also selected.


I’ve tried using Run if, but when I set it up to run if Not standard is chosen in the
multiple selection field, I’m unable to save the workflow and I get this error
message: “Error publishing workflow. Unable to cast object of type
'System.Activities.InArgument`1[System.String]' to type


Also, as soon as I configure Run if to look in the multiple selection field, I
can only ask if it equals or does not equal a value. The choices like empty,
contains etc disappear. Please help! I’m thinking a variable might be the
answer, but I’m really bad at variables, so I can’t seem to get the last part
of the way.