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InfoPath form ‘Action’ Rule type missing from Nintex Forms

Question asked by sanketshah_18 on Jun 22, 2015
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I did not find any easy way to “set a field’s value” in Nintex forms. InfoPath form has “Action” rule type where depending on any conditions, we can set any fields value but this feature is not readily available in Nintex Forms, unless we write JavaScript or JQuery snippet in Nintex Forms.


I believe Power user group are main audience for Nintex forms but I don’t think so, they know much about how to write JavaScript. So I’m
wondering JavaScript is only option for this is nice feature in Nintex forms or am I missing anything in Nintex forms to accomplish this feature?


I’m sure most of you came across this situation while migrating or creating existing InfoPath forms to Nintex Forms.


Thank you for any help!