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Nintex form is not validating the form when we set validation on a field within the repeating control.

Question asked by akatla on Jun 22, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2015 by akatla

Hi there,


I find the cause of this issue.

However we still need to fix the issue.



  • Nintex Forms for Office 365



  • Create a custom list (Just default Title mandatory field shown be fine to test).
  • Customize the form with Nintex form:
    • Add a repeating control.
    • Add a single line of text inside the repeating control.
    • Change the Data Type of that field to Integer and add the following validation (Culprit) :
      • Use range validation ‘Yes’
      • Set a Min & Max value (100, 999)
    • Save and Publish the form.
  • Test:
    • Add new item in the list.
    • Leave the Mandatory Title field blank.
    • Add new row to the repeating table (By doing this we should have 2 rows).
    • Add a value ‘1’ to the second row
    • Try to Save the form.
      • Form saved with Title field validation.

If we remove the Validation (Culprit) the form works fine.


Please find the attached Nintex form for you to reproduce the issue.



Arvi Katla