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Pass ID between two list forms

Question asked by mular10 on Jun 17, 2015
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Because of the size I want to divide one SharePoint list to two and connect it one-to-one. And when user adding item to first list and "click" Save I want to redirect him directly to NewForm of the second list. And this I did by "Redirect URL" in form settings.

But to connect this two list in NewForm of second list l need the ID (I also thought about some guid) of the item from the first list. I thought to send ID from first list to the second in url string but the problem is that this ID in unknown when Save is "Clicked". I also try to do it with guid: I added new field to thirst list and in NewForm use Inline function fn-NewGuid() to set value for this filed. Unfortunatelly value of this field also is unknown when save is clicked. And as far as I know I cannot use javascript to build "Redirect URL" in form settings.

Does anyone have som idea how to make it? It is at all possible in Nintex forms?