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Form permissions vs. site/list permissions

Question asked by twgaynor on Jun 19, 2015
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Hello, I apologize as this is definitely a "newbie" kind of question, but I need to get a proof of concept working asap.  I have a form that ultimately is to be completed by anyone, but then once submitted, is written to a secured list on a secured sub-site that only HR will have access to.  I do want to capture the user credential that is submitting the initial form, but then once submitted, do no want the originator or anyone outside of HR to be able to access the list (contains background check information).  So without changing permission to the target list or create a task to run as another user with elevated privileges (but then loosing the identity of the editor), and without granting everyone edit permissions to the list and access to the destination sub-site, how would I achieve this?  Planned to publish the url to the new form from outside the secured site and then close the form once completed.  Clearly I am missing something (s).  I appreciate your assistance.