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Problem with lookup field on Edit form updated by the workflow or updated in quick edit view - doesn't show last saved value

Question asked by mwojszko on Jun 18, 2015

Hi Everyone,


I have a problem with lookup field on Nintex Edit Form on items updated by the workflow or updated in Quick Edit view - it doesn't show last saved values.


I have 2 lookups (one for vendor number and second for vendor name) - the rule is that user need to set only one of them and second will be automatically set by the workflow.

On my SharePoint list I use single line of text for those fields and on my Nintex Forms I use empty List Lookup controls connected to another list with Vendors. I don't use lookup type fields because I don't want to lose values from main list if someone will remove proper item from additional Vendors list.


Problem is only when I try to edit item using Nintex Edit Form, when I try to edit list item using Quick Edit view or after workflow modifications - I see last set values on my SharePoint list.


If I made some modifications using Quick Edit view or if my Nintex workflow will update field values - in Nintex Edit From I will see only last made changes (last manually chosen values) in Nintex Form (so this values don't match actual values from the list)


Do you have any idea how to fix or work around it?


Thanks in advance,