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Validate Attachment using rules nintex forms 2010 & 2013

Question asked by michellepm on Jun 17, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2017 by chaitra.b.c

Hi there


I have a attachment control which people must be forced to attach an item when leave day is more than 3 days and leave type = Sick leave and the control does not have any attachment

Below is the rule that I have used:

greaterThan(Calculatedfield,3) && LeaveType=="Sick Leave" && isNullOrEmpty({Self})

How ever the rule is not working..



Force attachment when leave type = Study leave and Family Responsibility Leave

Rule = the control is inavild if LeaveType=="Study Leave/Family Responsibility Leave

On this one it validate the the attachment but even if you attached a document it does not allow you to save


Would appreciate any help regarding this.