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Regular expression validation in order to create a Document Set

Question asked by pfudala Champion on Jun 17, 2015
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I'd like to use a Nintex Form on a custom list in which one of its fields will be used to create a Document Set via Workflow.

To avoid illegal characters, I wanna set a regular expression validation on my field with this RegEx :


^[^~"#%:<>?/{|}. ]{1}[^~"#%:<>?/{|}]{0,121}[^~"#%*:<>?/{|}. ]{1}$


I tested it with couple of online services and it seems to be OK.


But in my form, I've got strange behaviours... Some lowercases are invalid (example : "To try" is invalid while "TO TRY" is OK...).


Am I wrong on something?

Is there another way to avoid those characters : ~ " # % & CONT_IDS_CLEAN CORRECT_ANSWERS DISC_IDS_CLEAN content_ids disc_ids_qready discussions queries questions_set.log test test_CID test_body : < > ? / \ { | }