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Wait for field change can't be null?

Question asked by raguilar on Jun 12, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2015 by nintexsupport

Preliminary info: SP 2013 Online, NWF 365, and InfoPath for the form.


I have a drop down menu acting as an Approved/Denied choice for approving access among multiple systems. The other 8 systems work great on the other branches of a parallel block. The problem is i'm getting the attached error when it hits the "Wait for field change in current item." The field is set to the drop down field and it's waiting for the value of "Approved."


I checked the settings in SP and InfoPath and none of them have the field listed as "cannot be blank." Even if they were, then I wouldn't be able to save the record before the workflow kicks off. I've deleted the old field and created a new one in case something got "stuck" in SP. I also added a new action in hopes to clear anything from NWF memory.


Any help would be appreciated on this one.