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How can I show new data in Nintex Report Viewer Web Part?

Question asked by macereal on Jun 11, 2015
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First, I am working with SharePoint 2010/Nintex 2010 Enterprise versions.  I have used Nintex for some time now but have actually never had a need to use the reporting feature/web parts until recently.  I have added, to a page of mine, the Nintex Workflow Report Viewer Web Part and set it to show the report for Workflow Actions filtered to show only a specific workflow.  I also added another one of these web parts to the page to show Workflow Performance. These work fine as is and can see some information on the actions etc.  While testing the workflow I noticed that this web part (for the actions) was showing data from the test runs. This makes sense as that is what it is supposed to do, however, when this goes live, the test data will still be visible.


Is there a way to refresh this data when we go live so that only the actual live data is captured?  Or, is there a way to just wipe out the current data to start fresh?  So far the only way I have been able to do this is to delete the workflow and recreate it.  This is not terrible since I saved it as a template so I can easily remake.  That said, however, the issue I noticed with this is that a saved template does not save individual Flexi Task custom info path forms (ie: if you edit the task form for a flexi task).  This is an issue because the workflow is a bit lengthy and has a lot of flexi tasks, all of which have their own custom form.  It takes a very long time to go through the workflow to update each one so would like to try and avoid removing and creating a new workflow to refresh the data.


Also, when doing the above (delete/recreate wf) I noticed that the Workflow Performance report now shows the old instanced (deleted workflows) still and the new version.  This is confusing as I have kept the name the same.  So, right now, I see 3 of the same workflow name listed with different data (from previous test runs).  Again, these early versions have been removed/deleted from the list but still show in the web part.  Is there a way to refresh this as well to only show the new version?  I noticed this one does not allow filtering so that is not an option.


Thanks for any help as it is very appreciated.