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Nintex workflow for office 365-How to get the task ID of start a task process?

Question asked by swethasan on Jun 12, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2017 by mmatsako

Hello Nintex Ninjas!

I have been working on an app that contains complex approval process(serial then parallel) with multiple level of approvers. Been making good progress, until I got stuck in this action.(issue explained in the image as well, but in case it wasn't readable, its added below)

- Got a requirement for workflow wherein a whole group wantd to be assigned task and anyone could then approve/reject it.


- Start a task process to SharePoint group works great for the requirement. When anyone from the group approves the task, the rest of the groups get theirs tasks cancelled.


- But I want to collect data for two fields from approvers, that I then want to save it back in the list.


-I  have been able to get the description, comments of approvers via GUID=taskID(WF variable) in 'Assign a task' action but, option to save task ID from 'Start a Task process' seems to be unavailable.


- I thought I could get Description and use Reg. Expression to get UserID & Email and though reg expression works great for stripping text, because the taskID couldn't be saved, I am not able to get value of 'Descirption' of the task in 'Start a task process', split it and save it back to list. Main requirement for the app is that I get the User ID and Email once one of the approvers in SharePoint group has acted on it. I know I must be missing something or overlooked a setting, either ways, am sure you guys will know the answer and steer me in the right direction towards the solution!

As always, thanks for all the help and support Emily Billing Jeremy Jaya Raj

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