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Create site collection from custom template

Question asked by glenda on Jun 11, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2017 by beckettj

I am actually surprised I could not find any previous posts regarding this subject, so here I go


We often use Nintex to create site collections in collaboration environments and often customers try minimizing custom development. For this reason the current "save site as template" functionality is actually very useful. When new site collections are creating through the UI it is also possible to import the created template to start your site collection from.


In Nintex it would therefore also be awesome if there would be any way to refer to non-default templates to start the site collection from.


Is anyone aware of such a solution? Possibilities I am thinking of are

- Creating the template in code and import it as a farm solution (but I actually want to avoid this)

- Triggering a powershell script for the creation of the site collection that refers to a certain library where the solution is stored

- Nothing easier?


Anyone experience with this?