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Nintex Forms Dropdown Rule

Question asked by dgullo on Jun 11, 2015
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Hi all,


I have a question about Nintex Forms and Rules. My Dropdown has the following Items:

- Please select a value (default)

- Passbuero

- Vertretungen


In a second step I have a textbox named AbgabeBiometriedaten. This box is only visible if the selection of my dropdown is selected to Vertretungen


In this TextBox I have associated a Rule --> contains(AbgabeortBiometriedaten,"Passbuero") --> Hide. This works!

My problem is that I need to hide it also if the dropdown is selected to Please select a value

If I create a second Rule like --> contains(AbgabeortBiometriedaten,"Please select a value") --> Hide it doesn't work.


Have you an idea?


best regards