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Site Workflow Variables Not Populating & Printing to Email

Question asked by koolgeex on Jun 9, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2015 by mmatsako

I have created a site workflow. It has two parallel actions. On the left branch, the workflow grabs the Item IDs of a particular list then saves each column for the List ID into a variable. It cycles through all the items in the list and prints all the variables into a table. At the end of the loop, I have one variable that contains all the items for one list. I have pasted that one variable in an email and it prints beautifully.


On the right branch, i have recreated the same exact flow. The only thing I have changed is the list that i'm pulling the IDs from and I also created new variables to store the list data.


For some reason, my right branch is not printing correctly. Let's say my list has 4 items. When i view the email notification, I can see four rows for where my variable data should be - but they are all blank.


I have no idea what the issue could be being that I mirrored the left branch!


Any help would be greatly appreciated! If there's any additional information I can provide please just let me know!