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Loading a Nintex O365 Form

Question asked by andrew_valentine on Jun 9, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2015 by andrew_valentine

Hi everyone,


My client has noticed an undesired effect while loading Nintex form in New or Edit mode.


Once you select NEW for example you see this screen:

working on it.jpg

This is to be expected but the problem comes next. Once this screen clears part of the form loads for a short period of time:


early form.jpg

The screen then goes into its "loading" page:


And finally the full form is opened and ready:



The problem here is the "early loading" form. It appears prematurely and then disappears again. The part of the form that appears before it has been fully loaded is always the last panel of the form. I have not known of or found any other answers/threads on here detailing this problem, it's a difficult one to describe so I hope the pictures explain it for me.


Would anyone know how to stop this "pop up" form before it has completely loaded as the client is disappointed with the way it looks when opening.


Thank you,