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How to capture specific items during For Each collection?

Question asked by thebluedino on Jun 4, 2015
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I've been working with a office roster list where I would like to generate emails requesting access for contractors when they are on-boarded into the office.

I've followed a guide located here:

and am able to generate a table with the correct column information containing rows for every item in the roster.


What I'm needing to be able to do is set a condition or somehow filter the items that are collected.

The goal would be that I the person doing the on-boarding could set a status column to "Requested" for each item that should be included in the email and then at 3pm the workflow would run on those items, generate an e-mail & then update the status column to "Completed" for those items.


This is my first time using For Each or Collection variables... I've tried setting conditions the way I have for prior workflows and I'm not getting expected results.