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Nintex for with tabs/panels and validation rules not working correctly

Question asked by kristig on Jun 4, 2015
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I have created a Nintex form with four tabs across the top with corresponding panel
sections.  Each tab/panel is for an approval process with buttons of 'Approved' or 'Denied' at the bottom of each
panel. The business unit is now asking for mandatory comments to be entered should one of the Approvers select DENIED. Easy enough to add a Validation rule on the Denied control button of:  isNullOrEmpty(ReasonforDenial)


Here comes the problem, there are two tabs/panels that this validation rule need to run on.
The other rule I have for the Final Denial is:  isNullOrEmpty(ReasonforFinalDenial)


The problem comes in where when the form is being filled out by the end user, and the first denial
happens, the user enters in comments and clicks on the DENIED button, however,
it doesn't close the form. The form is waiting for the second (final denial)
comments to be entered and the Final Denial button to be selected before the
form with save and close.


I have tried so many different variables at this point trying to get this to work because both
denials would be happening at different times - different stages of the
workflow - and in different tabs of the form. I have even tried the Validation
rule of:   isNullOrEmpty(ReasonforDenial)||isNullOrEmpty(ReasonforFinalDenial)


Is this impossible because my form is set up with panels connected to the tabs at the top?

See screenshots and see what I mean...the first SR Management Review takes place. If they deny, with comments, the form is still waiting for comments and the Final Denial in the Final Review Tab.