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List Form Webpart on Project Details Page not displaying correct item

Question asked by ardeerivera on Jun 3, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2016 by pramod.nagaraj

We are having a problem getting the List Form Webpart to display the first row item of a filtered list webpart.


Some context: We are currently using Project Server 2013 with Nintex Workflow 2013, Nintex Workflow for Project 2013, and Nintex Forms 2013. In Project Server, there are global pages you create called Project Detail Pages. These are basically web part pages that can be associated with and become available at different stages of a project.




Since these are used globally, the information they display has to be dynamic and pull information related to the project the user is viewing. Each of these links follows this format:




The projuid value in the URL is what allows the project details pages to identify which project's info to show.

We've connected three webparts to try and display the form for a specific project. List of webparts on Project Details Page and their function:

1. Query String (URL) Filter webpart parses out the project UID value (projuid) from the URL. It passes the projuid value as a filter value for the Project UID column in the next webpart.

2. List View Webpart for a list. This webpart displays the list item that matches the projectUID value from the query filter. This webpart passes the first row item to the Nintex List Form webpart.

3. Nintex List Form web part. This web part is set to display the form for the first item from List View webpart.



The query webpart works; it successfully captures the projuid value.

The filtered List View Web part also works; the list shows up as filtered.

The problem is with the List Form webpart. It doesn't display the correct row item; it displays the first row of the List View Webpart as if it wasn't being filtered.



Anyone have any idea how to make sure the Nintex List Form webpart shows the first row of a filtered list view webpart?