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How to monitor Nintex workflows and live actions

Question asked by marcelo.erthal on Jun 4, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2015 by marcelo.erthal

Hi folks,


from time to time, I discover that my workflows just stopped working: emails stops from being sent, live actions are stucked, etc. this is terrible because I've wrote workflows to take care of some business problems and I just realize that the workflows are not working after we miss some important time schedule that the workflow should handle by himself.


I Know that the emails not been sent problem can happen in many points of the environment. Is there a check list that could be automated somehow to prevent this kind off problems?


the Nintex live stops working is very weird: Nintex live actions are stucked, forms published at live stops to send information and so on. To make it work again we need to reset Sharepoint. How can we monitor this kind of service?