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Query List Setup questions

Question asked by ninoazurin on Jun 2, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2015 by josh

Hi everyone,


I'm new to Nintex Workflows, need some insights and help regarding setting up a Query List. Below is my current Query list, where I'm trying to pull the Allocations Column where it contains repeating data. Am I in the right path?


What I'm trying to do right now:

1. Once an item is created, get the Allocations data (Repeating item) and pushed it to a variable called varXMLDump

2. Build a Query XML action using the WorkVariable: varXMLDump

3. Run a loop using the collection of repeated items and create individual items for them.





My issue is what do I use in the Filter section, right now if I select "Select all list items" it will grab all the Allocations (repeated items).


I've already read the other links posted in the community, but I just cant seem to get past assigning the proper values for the action. Any help is much appreciated.



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