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Collection Date Variable

Question asked by on Jun 1, 2015
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So I'm developing our first Nintex Form and Workflow to allow staff to apply for Annual leave.  On my form I've a repeating section to allow multiple types of leave  ie 2 days of Annual Leave with 2 day of Sick leave on one form.  The Date field on my form is format as Date only.

Date Field.PNG


in my workflow I'm getting the xml from the repeating section and putting field into a collection.  Then I loop through the collection and trying to put the data into a Date & Time variable but the workflow keeps coming back with the following error "Data type returned from the collection is incompatible with the variable to store the result in."  


It works fine if I store the data into a Single Line of Text Variable but i need to keep the date as Date and Time.  Is this possible?