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Nintex forms : Column validation not working as expected

Question asked by aravioz on Jun 1, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2015 by christopheraucq



I created a column validation by opening the Nintex form in the form designer.

Clicking the control settings of the "singletextbox" I added this condition in the "custom validation" field like shown below,




When I input a values less than 6 it never shows me a custom error message "6 digit".


1.Is anything that I am missing to fill/configure.

2.I tried using a column validation in the sharepoint list settings --> column --> column validation but it also never report error.

But if I dont open the form using the Nintex form I could see error message i.e through Sharepoint form.

Whatever condition I check it all works in the Sharepoint form.


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