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Display filtered selection (drop down menu) based on another list

Question asked by tonyw on May 31, 2015


I have a register new form for users to register something based on the teams that the initiator belongs to. And I have another list to keep the mapping between the team (Information Type:Single line of text) and user name (Information Type: Person or Group), and one user can belongs to more than one team.

My question is that can I have the form that when the user open the new form, the team selection is already filtered as what the team the user belongs to ?


Team and User Mapping List:

UserA: Team1

UserB: Team2

UserC: Team3

UserB: Team4

UserD: Team5


So when the UserB open the new form, I would like to have the drop down menu that is displaying only Team2 and Team4.

I tried to use List look up but it seems that it can only extracted all the field value (Team1,Team2,Team3,Team4,Team5) without any filtering. Anyone can give me some suggestion ? If my question is repeated, can anyone guide me to the answered question ?