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Help with Show/Hide Controls and Javascript on Save button click event

Question asked by nathanl on May 28, 2015
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I'm looking for some help.  I have a pretty large form I am working on for a client where they want about 8 different views or tabs on the form.  Each tab will have certain fields shown and in a specific order and layout.  To do this, I created Panels for each of the views and show or hide them based on a Choice button ribbon at the top.


The problem I am facing is that I have some items showing up on some or all of the panels.  I created a simple example below to show this.

Ex 1.jpg

I have 3 tabs and the Title list item showing in each tab.  I did not hide the item, only disabled so that it is easier to see.  Since all three controls are connected to the Title list item, it is having trouble saving.  Even though the 3rd title is disabled, that is the one that is getting saved when Option 1 is active.

Ex 2.jpg


So my question is, is there any easy way around this?  I have one thought but would need some help on the code.

  1. Have the title control disconnected from Title list item.  Have javascript check for Save button click and check for which option button is selected, then if Option 1, then copy Option 1 Title to Title Control hidden on form, which would be connected to the List.