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NWF.Filter.Ribbon null value or not an object, js error

Question asked by holith on May 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2015 by holith

Hello everyone,


For my first post I have a very specific question.


We have deployed our workflow under Powershell using the system account. The deployment is fine, no errors. After that we set the administrator rights to a random user in order to test the workflow. Once set, the Nintex Forms for our administrable lists and secondary lists are fine, but when we want to acces the Nintex Form of our primary list by creating a new item, the initialization of the ribbon throw a js error "NWF.Filter.Ribbon null value or not an object" (see attach file "js error" for the exact error, it's in french, but understandable).


Our button Save and cancel are disable (see attach file "ribbon"). Those are set with the native behaviour of save and cancel of Nintex Form and are identical (trust me, exactly identical) to our others same buttons on the others Nintex Form.


Where I'm really struggling is that when we use an other account for the deployment (not the system account, a user account with the same rights) we don't have this behaviour, and everything works fine. So why don't use this type of account? Cause it don't suit our client recommendations.


So why does Nintex throw this error in this specific case? Any idea?


Regards to everyone who read this post, and thank in advance.

Clément Portmann.