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Forms 2010 Ribbon Button grayed out

Question asked by aw.sharepoint on May 26, 2015
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I am having an issue for which I could not find a solution on the forums. I also tried to open a support case and my active license info was rejected; something I will have to work out.


The problem is the Forms2010 button on a newly created list is grayed out; list I created is "Custom List in datasheet view". I can trick the system by enabling allow content type edit and accessing the forms edit. Please see the screenshot attached for what I mean.


Below is my version info.


License type: Registered

Software Assurance status: Current

Software Assurance expires: 7/2/2015


The Forms2010 button does work if I create a "Custom List"; so the generic list type.  Obviously there is a difference between the two list templates but these are the default ones shipping with SharePoint.  The SharePoint version I am running is SP2010+SP2+Dec2012CU.


Thanks for any help.