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Populating a dropdown list from external list based on user logged in

Question asked by waltont on May 26, 2015

I want to pull a list of items based on another list based on the user logged in. I want it to display a set of column fields based on the user logged in if the user's name appears in another list. Keep in mind the form that is being used is not the form for the source list (List A in the case below) it is being used on another list (List B in the case below).


For example:


User George is on 3 of 8 lines on List A:

Alpha George Larry

Bravo Larry Ben

Charlie Larry George

Delta George Ben

Echo Larry Ben

Foxtrot Ben Larry

Golf Ben Larry

Hotel Larry Ben


What I want it to do is display the item(s) from the first column in List A on List B's form in the dropdown when George is logged in because George's name appears in one or more of the sub columns. The valid entries based on the data above should be the following:






Whenever I'm in List B's form I tied the list lookup "Source list" to List A and it will display ALL items with no problem. I select "By a specified value" in the "filter available selections". When I attempt to add the conditional filtering in the "where" field, I only see the columns for List B and not List A. I would expect that the source being from List A that list B wouldn't apply but instead I only see the column names for List B in the insert reference page when I click the "book" icon at the end of the where field. I have "current user" selected for the filtered by value. I figure that's probably the best result of what I want for there, but I basically want the first column info populated when the logged in user appears in either column B or C but I cannot seem to get the column names to populate in this control to select them.


I am not using O365, we are using the full version of nintex forms now.


Please advise what I'm doing wrong here. Thanks.