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Workflow end s unexpectedly and shows error status

Question asked by amukherj on May 25, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2015 by allan48728

I have a workflow which has a loop on it based on the status of an item in the list. It checks for the current date and compares it to certain fields before sending notification. The ways its been designed is that it send notification on the target date, target date + 7 days and recurring thereafter daily.

It checks the date and if any of the above conditions are satisfied, sends an email. The workflow is set to start when the status of the item is set to a particular option.


The workflow stays within this loop until the status of the item changes.


My problem is that I get a workflow errored email which reads something like this:

"The Target Install Date Workflow
workflow has ended unexpectedly for manish.
Target Install Date Workflow failed to run.

Click here
to view the workflow status.


The same workflow works perfectly in the test environment but fails in the production environment. What could be causing it?