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Nintex Forms support for Firefox?

Question asked by colin_e on May 25, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2015 by colin_e

Sharepoint: 2010 Enterprise (on premise)

Nintex Workflow:

Nintex Forms:

Firefox: 1.1.0-31.1.1ESR - 1.0.0


My preferred browser for web development is Firefox. It has long been an annoyance that the Nintex tools (the Workflow builder and Forms Editor) only work properly in Internet Explorer, however I was reasonably happy that the resulting workflows and forms were usable cross-browser, which you would expect as Nintex aims to be multi-platform (supporting mobile phone browsers etc.)


A week or two back our IT department installed a Nintex upgrade to deal with some problems we were having with the forms engine. The upgrade did fix some of the issues, but in the process it seems to have partially broken the Nintex forms in Firefox, when just using the list editing features (not in the forms editor):



  • If you use the pulldown menu on a list item and select Edit Item, on a list with a Nintex form defined, this works correctly in IE, but in Firefox, most of the time (maybe 90%) the edit form comes up greyed-out (i.e. "backgrounded" like the list behind the form), and cannot be used.
  • Strangely, in Firefox if you initially choose View Item, then select the Edit button from within the view-mode form, the editor works ok.


Our IT department's response to this problem is to say that Nintex only works in IE, so that's all they will support!



Is that really where we are?  As noted above I understood that Nintex supported the major browsers for users, it was just the developer tools that were IE-only.


Please can someone clarify Nintex's position on cross-browser compatibility of forms, I need to know whether I have a leg to stand on here or whether this is a lost cause, and a significant proportion of our users (some of whom use Firefox or Chrome instead of the default corporate installation of IE) are going to be left in a hole.


Regards: Colin_E