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Nintex forms, calendar control not working with modal dialogue

Question asked by stalasta on May 24, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2016 by michellejane.castillo



I am having an issue with the Nintex Forms Calendar control that is not displaying the calendar icon and time.

  1. I am creating an Outage Calendar for our IS team using Nintex forms.
  2. Created an App "Outage Calendar" of type Calendar.
  3. Customized the Item form using Nintex form and published the auto-generated form with all default columns.
  4. When I try to create an event from Calendar view, a modal dialogue opens with published Nintex form
  5. But the Start Date and End Date(both date & Time fields) displayed as a single line textbox instead of Calendar controls.


Can someone help me how can I fix this issue? Or is there a way to avoid the modal popup for creating New Event?