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NWAdmin.exe Detach Database

Question asked by on May 22, 2015
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I am in the process of migrating a SharePoint 2010 farm to SharePoint 2013. The SharePoint 2010 farm has Nintex installed and there are various workflows setup.


I have read the NW2010 - 2013 Upgrade Guide it provides very detailed steps, however I am unsure about one of these. In the section marked 'Attaching Nintex Workflow Content Databases' point 2C says to run command 'NWAdmin.exe –o DetachDatabase –serverName <myservername> -databaseName <mydatabasename>'


Can you confirm exactly what this does?


The reason I ask is in my situation I have a test box which I am going to perform trial migrations on and as part of this I have a copy of the production databases. I don't want to run this command on the production 2010 environment in case this stops the workflows on the SP 2010 environment. I don't want to migrate production until I have run some test migrations first but in order to do this I need to migrate the workflow content.


I hope this makes sense.