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Nintex Workflow 2013 Install on all servers in a farm

Question asked by sputnala on May 20, 2015
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Our Farm Overview:
Our SharePoint Production environment has (2 WFE's, 1 App server hosting Central Admin and search, 1 App Server hosting search components), All the 4 servers are running the recommended SharePoint services to run a workflow in SharePoint farm such as:

  • Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Web Application
  • Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Workflow Timer Service


We have 2 Production Licenses of Nintex Workflow 2013 for our 2 WFE's.



  1. Where should we install Nintex Workflow 2013? Any WFE? or App Server hosting CA?
  2. As mentioned before we have 2 Production Licenses of Nintex Workflow 2013, however required workflow services (Workflow Timer, Web App services) are running on all servers and we don't want to stop services from App servers for redundancy purpose, Is Nintex will complain and ask to purchase 2 more PROD licenses? Or we good to go with 2 Production Licenses one each for WFE?