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How to capture or be aware of delegation?

Question asked by amccollough on May 22, 2015
Latest reply on May 22, 2015 by kapilkjoshi

I have a list which has a "Current Reviewer" column, which is a person/group column. In a NW2010 workflow bound to that list, I determine who the reviewer will be for a FlexiTask, and I update the "Current Reviewer" column in my list with that person in one action, and in the next action i do the FlexiTask. Works grea


Works great, until the reviewer does a Delegate. True, behind the scenes, the Task is reassigned to whoever the delegate is. But, how do I go about capturing that change and updating the original list?


As I type this, it seems like the answer is a workflow on the task list, but i'm wondering if there is something built-in that I'm missing. What is the "best" way of capturing a delegation and acting on it?