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Attachement in repeating section

Question asked by zik500 on May 20, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2017 by euang

My objective: Create a SharePoint List page with Nintex forms for each training item. Included in this form:

Training Title/Description/Due date

User Name - Repeating table pulled from a data connection to a SharePoint list with "User Names".

A PDF attachment for their certificate of completion.

EXAMPLE:    Blow your nose today.     Due Date 08-23-2013

Name           Attachment 
Joe Smith      XZX.PDF
Bill Smith     YYY.PDF
Jack Smith     ZXZ.PDF

I am able to create the repeating table list of names from the 'user names' List. But, I cannot figure out a way to attach a file to each name individually. I add a file and it populates the entire list.

Joe Smith      AAA.PDF 
Bill Smith     AAA.PDF
Jack Smith     AAA.PDF

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, Thank you in advance!