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Query list filter by date returns empty result

Question asked by seid on May 20, 2015
Latest reply on May 23, 2015 by seid

So I'm trying to return items from a list that their notification date is equal to today's date.

Here's my list details -> ListA: itemname(text), duedate(date), notificationdate(date)

     notificationdate item default value is based on duedate - 4 months



In nintex WF designer, I did the following:

     1. Create a variable named todaysdate to store the current date value

     2. I added query list action to filter items when the notificationdate is equal to the current date(todaysdate)


However, when I run the query, it returns empty result although I checked that today's date matches the notificationdate value. and even when I enter the date manually exactly how its shown in ListA, it still returns empty result.